Mistake #2: You Talking to Me??

Your marketing message is not the place to be abstract or indirect. Communication is about connection, and the best way to achieve that through your messaging is to be clear and direct.

Your words are a powerful marketing tool, but not if you’re talking about your clients instead of to your clients. When your website, emails or social media posts talk about helping “people” find “their” passion or path or whatever, who are you even talking to? Your marketing is an opportunity to have a direct conversation with your potential clients. Don’t beat around the bush about how you can help “them.” Here are a couple of tips for how to be more direct.

Tip #1: Use second person vs. third person. Marketing Chatter

Third person/indirect: My coaching helps people who are unhappy and frustrated with their career path. (Which people? Why should I care about random “people”?)

Second person/direct: Are you unhappy and frustrated with your career path? (You talkin’ to me? Why yes! I am unhappy and frustrated with my career path. Tell me more…)

Tip #2: While you’re at it, stop using the passive voice.

In marketing, the passive voice screams lack of confidence and timidity. It’s the wallflower of marketing language, and you don’t want your message to disappear into the background, you want it to stand out!

Passive: Through my proven process, clients are guided to greater clarity and confidence. (Are guided…by divine intervention? What does that even mean? See how it’s kinda wishy-washy?)

Active: My proven process helps my clients achieve greater clarity and confidence. (Oh, you have a proven process and you can help me directly. I can start to get a sense of what that might look like.) 

Key Takeaways:

  1. What are some ways you can be more direct with your marketing message?
  2. How can you employ the tips above to make a better connection with your clients?
  3. When will you take action and make updates that will strengthen your messaging?


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