SuperPowers for Solopreneurs

There are certain SuperPowers that every solopreneur needs to master to succeed in business. Some SuperPowers are universal and necessary for all business owners.  But other SuperPowers are your own unique gifts and talents. In this blog series, I’m going to focus on the universal SuperPowers that can make or break your business as a solopreneur. These qualities are based on my own personal business journey, and my experience supporting hundreds of students and clients on their entrepreneurial journeys. I’ll share one SuperPower every week until I feel we’re done. You ready?

SuperPower of the Week
Clarity: What do you want to create and why?

If you don’t know your destination, (1) you can’t create a roadmap, and (2) you probably won’t ever get there.

Clarity is one of the six core SuperPowers that every solopreneur needs to master in order to create a successful, thriving business. Without clarity, you can’t do much in your business. You can’t create a business plan.  You won’t know who your customers are.  And you won’t know your value proposition. Which means forgetting about making any sales – or money!

Are you seeing how this could be problematic?

Clarity is the foundation of your business. You must get clear on what you want to create and why. This is a question you should be asking about your overall business purpose, your target market, and your core offering. It’s also a great question to ask with every project, initiative, and event that requires your time, energy and resources. Because if you’re not clear on the value of your business, of a project, or of a product offering – and why it matters – you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.


On the flip side, when you have clarity, you can move forward. When you know your objective and the purpose behind it, you can create a plan. You can take strategic action. And you can be confident that your time, energy and resources are being invested in something worthwhile, something you can get behind. Something you can actually achieve!

Without clarity, you can’t have strategy. And without strategy, you are just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. That is guessing, and guessing is gambling. And that is not the way to run your business.

You need clarity, so you can make a plan and create a roadmap to your business destination of choice.

Here are some questions you can ask to get clear in key areas of your business.

What is the purpose and mission of my overall business?
What do I want to create, and why?
Who is my target market? What is their problem? How do I solve it?
What is the best way to reach my customers and engage with them?
How have I verified that this marketing strategy will be effective?
What is the purpose of this project or product offering?
How does it align with my overall business purpose?
Does it serve my overall business purpose and goals?

Activate This SuperPower

Where do you need more clarity in your business?  What actions can you take to create more clarity in your business today?  Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!