SuperPower of the Week:  Gratitude

Be thankful.  For everything.  Every day.

“What you focus on you get more of”

When you focus on obstacles you get more of them

Don’t let yourself become buried in obstacles. Be intentional about focusing your attention on what’s going right in your business so you can attract more opportunities, ease and flow.

You’ve probably heard this phrase in connection with the law of attraction.  Here’s the thing. Business is full of challenges, big and small.  As solopreneurs, we tend to spend a huge amount of our time focused on the barriers, roadblocks and obstacle in our business.  So what do you think we get more and more of? Barriers, roadblocks and obstacles!

The practice of being intentionally grateful resets your focus from what isn’t working to what is.

And when you focus on what is working, you’ll attract more of that, in the form of opportunities, resources and clients. With the practice of gratitude, before you know it, your barriers shrink away and be replaced with solutions, ideas, and synchronicity.  Yes, please!

Gratitude shifts your attitude

The other benefit of practicing gratitude is that it uplifts your energy and shifts your attitude into the realm of positivity and possibility.  It’s a fantastic RESET button for any negative emotion or situation that is showing up in your business.  So when you feel stuck, frustrated, or discouraged, take 10 minutes to refresh your energy and reboot your mindset with a simple gratitude practice.

Being intentional with your energy and choosing a more positive state of being will absolutely boost your bottom line, especially when you make it a habit.

Activate This SuperPower!

Start by writing at least 10 things you are grateful for in your business right now.  It can really be as simple as that.  And the energy shift it creates is often immediately noticeable.


Writing gratitudes is POWERFUL and it only takes a few minutes. It’s worth it to carve out a little time for this life-changing habit!

Tips for Writing Gratitudes

If you feel really stuck or down, it’s ok to start small.  Once during a particularly challenging time in my own life and business, I was so shut down I started by being grateful for having clean socks!  But it helped me take a small step into gratitude and expand from there, allowing me to make the shift to open up and express gratitude for bigger things. Ultimately, I was able to release my stress and my crappy attitude, step back into my vision, and put a smile back on my face.  So start small if you have to, but still write at least 10 things so you can expand into being grateful, especially if you’re feeling stuck.

If you are having trouble shaking off some heavy emotions or solving a big problem, write specifically what you’re grateful for about the problem.  “I am grateful for this frustrated feeling because it’s reminding me to take a break.”  “I am grateful for this problem, because even though I don’t have the solution yet, I know I will learn something important in the process of figuring it out.”

I recommend writing gratitudes at least once a day (it’s a great way to start or end your day) and anytime you feel stuck, discouraged or need to hit the reset button!