Creating a business plan is easy. Bringing it to life is the hard part.


The Power Circle is a six month mastermind that will help you stay focused, be accountable, and take the actions that will create the results you want.

It’s as simple as that.

You’ll get expert guidance as you take bold steps forward in your business. And most importantly, you’ll know that even though you’re a solopreneur, you’re not alone. Being part of a Power Circle can help you avoid pitfalls and delays that will slow your progress.  It can also help you navigate the inner growth required to uplevel. This can make the difference between a sold out practice and being in the exact same place six months from now.

Here are some of the ways that being part of a Power Circle can be a game changer for you:

  • Stepping more powerfully into your value so you can up your game and raise your rates
  • Having a sounding board for important decisions and strategies
  • Strengthening your marketing message to better connect with ideal clients
  • Setting clear goals and staying accountable and focused
  • Stay motivated, empowered and inspired, even when you hit bumps in the road
  • Getting consistent support as you take big steps out of your comfort zone
  • Taking consistent action and keeping it simple

This 6-month group coaching program includes:

  1. Two mastermind calls per month: each participant gets a turn in the “hot-seat”
  2. Three individual coaching calls with MaryAnn during the six-month program
  3. Private Facebook group with accountability challenges and checkpoints
  4. A one-day strategic planning retreat to kickoff the program and help you reach your milestones

Business isn’t going to get any easier. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

Get the support you deserve to bring your business to life. Your clients are waiting!

No one builds a successful business alone.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you’ll need to activate your marketing plan, get out of your comfort zone, and be accountable for taking consistent steps to fill or expand your business.  (Oh, is that all?) Putting your ideas into action can be an exciting part of your business journey. But it can also be challenging, discouraging, and at times downright terrifying. The benefit of coaching and peer support during this phase can mean the difference between psyching yourself out and staying stuck in your fear, or taking brave steps toward your dreams. The right support will keep you on track, help you break big goals into small steps, and make sure you don’t get paralyzed from overwhelm. It can also mean having a sounding board for all manner of ideas, obstacles and actions as you put your plan to work.

That’s why being part of a Power Circle can be a game changer. Especially for solopreneurs.

What Power Circle members are saying…

In this mastermind, I learned that I am a solopreneur, and I am not alone in my journey! The benefits of setting out 90-day goals, breaking them down into 30 days, and reflecting on the progress and learning, also exploring what could be done differently has made a major impact in my business. I truly appreciate the benefits of accountability partners, the benefits of learning from others experiences and applying them to my own business that I’ve received as being a member of MaryAnn’s Power Circle.. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with new friends and partners, MaryAnn!

Wendy Clifford

Leadership Coach for Women

Before starting the Power Circles Mastermind, I was struggling with change to a program format; how to market my business so not just working from referral basis, and my CORE message was weak. With my Power Circle, I’ve sorted out what the true benefits and values from working with me are! I loved the feedback and support from members I received on a  weekly and daily basis. We also had personal time to share challenges, book ideas, and I love being able to see other members faces!!! I’ve developed my CORE message now and am bounding forward in my business path.

Martha McJacobs

Coach for Teens and Families

Step into the Circle, step out of overwhelm.

As solopreneurs, when we first put our vision to paper, it all seems so simple, doesn’t it?

And then reality barrels in, throwing up barricades in every direction. When the challenges and woes of solopreneurship start to paralyze us from moving forward in our business, it can become a terrifying realization that running a business is hard without the right strategy, support and coaching.

Being a part of the Power Circle helps you “up your game” so you can own your true superpowers! It’s also a safe container where you can strengthen your messaging, get feedback on business growth decisions, and a source of motivation and inspiration on those days when you wonder why you chose to become an entrepreneur to begin with.

Your gifts are only gifts if your clients receive them! The Power Circle provides a proven method to reach your next level of success while staying true to your ultimate vision.

If you’re ready to move into a space of action, creativity and expert feedback, then now is the time to step into the Circle.

Apply here to reserve your spot – the next Power Circle starts in March 2019!

Ready to manifest your wildest business dreams?

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