A masterclass can be the source of your greatest business growth.


How does attending a Masterclass affect your business?

This masterclass series is going to give you real-world business tips, specifically designed for your coaching business. Each of these calls will give you high-value, high-impact information you can use in your business and in your own coaching.

Get on-the-spot support for the biggest challenges you’re facing in your business right now.

This Masterclass series includes three, 90-minute, strategy-rich Zoom calls.

Wednesday, September 19th at 10am Pacific

3 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make in Business

  • First, we’ll learn what it takes to launch a coaching biz. This masterclass will dispell some myths, and help you avoid the biggest mistakes coaches make when starting a business. I will also teach you the three building blocks that EVERY business needs so that you understand what it takes to build a strong foundation for your business and future. If you are missing any of these three building blocks, your business will struggle, so this is important stuff!

Tuesday, September 25th at 10am Pacific

Signature Talk: Why It’s The Most Effective Strategy for Coaches

  • There’s a reason why public speaking and signature talks have become such a trend in recent years: because they work. But the caveat is that you have to do it right. Not all signature talks are created equal. This masterclass will show you why signature talks are so effective and high-producing for coaches working to build their business. It’s the fastest way to fill your practice when done effectively and efficiently. Bonus: it makes marketing much more fun!

Thursday, September 27th at 1pm Pacific

Client Enrollment: Learn to Fall In Love With Sales

  • Did you know that a lack of sales skills is the #1 reason why most coaches will never build a thriving business? One of the reasons people struggle with client enrollment is they don’t take the time to do the inner work. That’s a big mistake! Learn more about the inner work it takes to stand in your value and enroll more clients on this call. We’ll dig into why sales is so uncomfortable for most of us, and talk about how you can get to a place where you can enroll clients in a professional, heart-centered way that isn’t about being salesy or pushy. (For me, it even became a fun, rewarding part of my business.) Take your first steps toward true sales mastery by attending this master class!


Attend All 3 and Gain Exclusive Access to the
Marketing Makeover Bonus Call
Wednesday, October 3rd at 10am Pacific

(Otherwise $35)

2-Hour Workshop Curriculum:

  • Know your customer
  • Know your marketing channels
  • Gain traction in your channels
  • This is an advanced marketing workshop for solopreneurs
  • Bring your marketing ideas to the call and get LIVE feedback

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What Masterclass members are saying...

After working with MaryAnn, I learned that I am a solopreneur, and I am not alone in my journey! The benefits of setting out 90-day goals, breaking them down into 30 days, and reflecting on the progress and learning, also exploring what could be done differently has made a major impact in my business. I truly appreciate the benefits of accountability partners, the benefits of learning from others experiences and applying them to my own business that I’ve received after working with MaryAnn… Thank you for the opportunity to connect with new friends and partners, MaryAnn!

Wendy Clifford

Leadership Coach for Women

Before starting working with MaryAnn, I was struggling with change to a program format; how to market my business so not just working from referral basis, and my CORE message was weak. After working with MaryAnn, I’ve sorted out what the true benefits and values from working with me are! I loved the feedback and support from members I received on a  weekly and daily basis. We also had personal time to share challenges, book ideas, and I love being able to see other members faces!!! I’ve developed my CORE message now and am bounding forward in my business path.

Martha McJacobs

Coach for Teens and Families