Resistance has a way of showing up at the most inopportune times in your business. When you finally reach clarity about the perfect strategy or next steps. Right when you’re about to make a huge breakthrough. Just when you’ve started to create some momentum….And there it is. RESISTANCE. Darnit!

Resistance is one of the many ways that fear shows up in our business. It’s a normal part of evolving (or not, if you always give in to it) as an entrepreneur. So the more you can be aware of it and how it works, the better you can learn to move beyond it when it shows up.

Sometimes your resistance is telling you that you need to take a deep breath and take another step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s a sign you need to pause and focus on releasing your next round of limiting beliefs. It’s usually telling you SOMETHING important about your yourself and your business.

So listen up. What is your resistance telling you today? And what will you do in response? More importantly, are you going to allow it to take the driver’s seat?

Or are you going to take control and show that fear who’s boss? (Hint: do the latter!)

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