#1: Perfectionism is the Enemy: Be Willing to Act Before You Feel Ready.

I’ve seen it time and time again.

Market research – check.
Signature talk – ready to go.
List of groups to contact to schedule the talk – done!

But…I really should rework all of my slides before I book a talk. And, well, I don’t think any of those groups are the right fit. And, I should really take that other course on how to give a talk successfully. Then I’ll be ready to give my talk, you know, when I can walk out onto a huge stage in front of hundreds and do it perfectly the first time, while generating $10,000 in new clients.


This is a common scenario. Things are going great, you’re on a roll, and you’re about to take a big leap outside of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. And then, knock, knock. Perfectionism shows up and starts raining on your progress parade. Seeding doubt. Wreaking havoc with yourself esteem. And undoing all the progress you’ve made to date. Perfectionism, you are so uncool. Who invited you to this party, anyway?

Here’s what you need to know to send Perfectionism packing so you can keep moving forward:

Before you take a big step outside of your comfort zone, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FEEL READY. Yep, you heard me. You’re not going to feel ready. You’re going to feel nervous. You might be having a little internal freakout. Congratulations! You’re exactly where you should be. Because that’s what it really feels like when you’re standing on the edge of your comfort zone, preparing to leave it.

We often feel that we need to feel confident before taking action. But the reality is, confidence grows as a result of taking action. This is what they mean when they say you have to feel the fear and do it anyway. And that’s why it’s not easy – because it feels inherently uncomfortable to do so.

The good news is, every time you are willing to take action before you feel ready, you’ll grow. You’ll build confidence. And I guarantee that you’ll learn something. And the next time you go to take that step, you’ll feel stronger, you’ll have more confidence, and you’ll feel more READY.
If you can embrace this concept and apply it to big milestones in your business, like giving your first few talks, or having your first sales conversations, raising your rates, or launching a new website, you’ll soon find yourself in the sweet flow of momentum.

However, if you wait for Perfection to give you two thumbs up on every step forward, your business will grind to a halt. (And so will your income!) Businesses aren’t built “someday when you’re ready.” They’re built right now. Today. Wherever you are and however you may feel about it.

So, tell Perfection that you won’t be needing her guidance anymore. Thank her for her concern, and kindly send her on her way.

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