What Does Your Business Reflect About You?

As a conscious entrepreneur, your business is a reflection of you.  If you are a solopreneur – multiply that by 10.

Your business and your Self are deeply interconnected. Your values, beliefs (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and mindset are driving (or blocking) your business results, whether you know it or not.  Have you ever paused to take stock of what your business reflects about you?

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I struggled to enroll clients and generate income with my business, despite overwhelming positive feedback about the work I was doing, the value I was providing, and the transformative impact I was having on the people around me.

I tried everything to get beyond this business hurdle – training on multiple marketing strategies, enrollment coaching, more networking, giving more talks, even meditation.  I can’t even tell you how frustrating it was.  Everything I tried seemed to lead to a dead end.   Add the fact that I have a masters degree and 20 years experience in business and yeah, I was feeling like a huge failure.  No bueno.

I lived in that space of feeling stuck and frustrated for a long time.  I tried to numb the pain of failure by “pushing through” the issue – by being busy, creating more ideas and plotting new strategies for my business.  Looking back, all of this was just a distraction from the real problem.  The big giant elephant in the room that I simultaneously tripped over and ignored, over and over.

Eventually, I realized why none of the things I was trying were making any difference.  I was applying above-the-surface solutions to a below-the-surface problem.  My real problem wasn’t a marketing issue, it was a hole in my mindset.  A big ol’ limiting belief had hijacked the driver’s seat of my business.

After significant excavation of soul and psyche, I found I had a paralyzing fear of being seen, of letting anyone get to know the real me.   As the owner of a business built largely on my personal brand, do you think that had a significant impact on what I was trying to achieve?  Understatement of the year!!!

With fear in the driver’s seat of my business, every intersection was either a red light, a stop sign, or a dead end.  No wonder I felt like I’d been swimming upstream against a tsunami.  It may as well have been a limiting belief called:  Don’t even think about marketing yourself because you’re on marketing lockdown so you might as well go crawl under a rock.

I’ve had a lot of experiences in my life where I let down my guard and let someone in, and KABAM!  Next thing I know I’m sweeping up what’s left of my heart and dignity off the floor.  Ouch.  Some of these experiences came from childhood loss and trauma, and some from the usual cycles of relationships.  Somewhere along the line, my inner defenses kicked in.  A part of me decided that maybe letting people in wasn’t such a good idea.  So unwittingly, I became guarded.  Unconsciously, I grew cautious.  And I stopped letting people in.  And I stopped letting the best of me OUT.  Not a good formula for building a thriving business based on relationships!

Last time I checked, none of my extensive marketing training included a chapter, workshop or semester on how to move forward with your marketing plan when you’re terrified of being visible and vulnerable to your market.  For big businesses, which are depersonalized and have corporate minions at their their sales-and-marketing beck-and-call, this is not much of an issue.  But as a conscious entrepreneur, a certain degree of vulnerability is part of the gig, and it’s non-negotiable.  As a conscious entrepreneur, everything is personal.  So I knew I had to figure it out.

That’s when I started to work my business from below the surface.  And that is when – shazam! – everything shifted.  Because your business is more than endless to-do lists, social media posts, launch plans, enrollment conversations and landing pages.  That stuff is all on the surface.  Underneath it all is YOU.  Your thoughts. Your beliefs.  Your habits.  Your stories.  Your default programming.  Your mental models and emotional clutter that are long overdue for a purge.

Where are you stuck in your business?  Are you trying to apply surface-level solutions to a below-the-surface problem?  Whether you’ve hit a plateau or you’re hitting resistance as you stretch toward your next-level goals, I invite you to take a look below the surface and see who’s in the driver’s seat of your business.