Being a Conscious Entrepreneur:  It’s Not For the Faint of Heart

As a conscious entrepreneur, your business is an expression of you, a commitment to honoring your higher purpose, and using your natural talents and gifts in the service of others.  

It’s not an easy path.  It demands that you repeatedly face your emotional and psychological baggage.  You know, all that stuff you’ve spent a lifetime avoiding?  That’s the part that slows most of us down, and sometimes brings us to a complete stop.  

Whether you’re stuck or just looking to stretch to your next level of success, below are three ways to connect with your higher purpose that can help create momentum in your business.  You can shift your energy right now by journaling on the questions provided at the end of each section.

Three Ways to Connect With Your Higher Purpose

(1) Use Your Gifts
The more authentically and clearly you can express yourself through your work by using your gifts, the more you step into alignment with your higher purpose, and the more your your heart is open to receive prosperity and success.  Opportunities knock, doors start opening all over the place, and things get inexplicably easier.  It’s an incredible feeling to step into the energy of prosperity and natural momentum.

In contrast, when you hide or hold back parts of you that need to be expressed through your business, you might as well put up a brick wall between you and the success you desire.  I should know.  I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit on the wrong side of that brick wall.

When you hold back because you’re afraid to be seen or judged, because you don’t think your gifts matter, or because you feel you can’t put yourself out there until you can present yourself perfectly – what you are really doing is stepping off your divine path and saying NO to your higher purpose.  You are also saying NO to yourself. Your desires. Your brilliance. Your talent. Your divine right to be happy, healthy and prosperous in life. Your unlimited potential. Yep, stepping away from your higher purpose is like shouting a big fat NO! at the top of your lungs to pretty much everything you want in your life.

Where are you using your gifts?  Where are you not?  How could you increase the use of your gifts in your business?

(2) Just Say YES
In case you didn’t know, your higher purpose doesn’t like to take NO for an answer!  Every time I have stepped off my path and away from my higher purpose, it has taken a toll.  I spent years in corporate jobs that weren’t a good fit for me.  They always left me stressed, depressed, and disconnected from myself.  I developed serious health problems from the stress, and at times the depression was severe.  Have you ever experienced that kind of wake-up call?

It took me a couple of decades to learn to listen to myself, and recognize the symptoms of stepping off my path:  pain, discomfort, misery.  If you’re feeling any of those things, ask yourself – is this my higher purpose giving me a loving reminder that I’m ON THE WRONG PATH?

The good news is, once you recommit to your higher purpose, it doesn’t take long for the energy to shift and for those doors to start opening to you.  When I committed to leaving my last corporate job to follow my entrepreneurial spirit, everything seemed to open up for me all at once as soon as I made the decision.  I found the perfect mentor.  I was suddenly surrounded by a supportive community.  Unexpected people were cheering me on.  The stars were aligning and I was certain that I had made the right decision.

What are you saying NO to right now?  What are you saying YES to?  How is that serving you?

(3) Be Courageous
Being a conscious entrepreneur is definitely a process.  As a friend recently said to me, it’s not for wimps!  

You have to be courageous and vulnerable.  You have to be willing to fall down and get back up again.  You have to be willing to get really f’ing uncomfortable, and stretch beyond everything you know.  

I have had to recommit to my path multiple times.  I have fallen, failed, and flailed along this path, and it has been utterly humbling.  I have made mistakes, I have hesitated at critical moments, and I have regretted the many times I didn’t listen to my intuition.  At times I have struggled to find my voice or understand how I am meant to serve.  

I have had to recalibrate my beliefs, course-correct my actions, and be selective about the people, information and energy I spend my time with.  Most significantly, I have had to face my fears and insecurities and be willing to show up and tell the world that I am far from perfect…And thank god for that, because that is where all my most powerful lessons have come from. 

Where are you most uncomfortable in your business right now?  How could being courageous help you move forward? What makes you feel vulnerable?  

This path is not for wimps.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  AND it’s 100% worth it.  Every time a client experiences a breakthrough.  Every time I get to help someone stretch beyond their known limits.  Each client who has a game-changing shift in perspective that uplevels EVERYTHING.  Every client who says YES to themselves and to their higher purpose because I said YES to myself and mine – that’s why I’m here.