4 Reasons You’re Not Enrolling Clients

There are a lot of variables that influence your ability to find and enroll your ideal clients. Let’s look at a few critical (yet common) factors that could be getting in the way of enrolling the clients you want to serve.

Wrong Market.

One big mistake that can be a huge confidence killer when trying to enroll clients is that you might be talking to the wrong people.

Sometimes people that are 80% the right people can still be the wrong people if they are lacking this critical quality: they are willing and able to pay for what you’re selling. And FYI, just because people think your service is “a great idea” or “so needed!” doesn’t mean they (or anyone else) are willing to buy it.

Even if you’re doing everything else right in your business, talking to the wrong people is an uphill battle that you want to avoid. I like to say that talking to the wrong people in your enrollment conversations is like trying to get a dog to eat bird food. If you’re selling bird food, you need to be talking to birds. Getting that dog to eat bird food – it’s never gonna happen. Even if it’s good for him. Even if it’s full of fiber and super nutrients. Never. Nada. No-go. And that’s not what you want to be happening during a sales conversation. If you’re selling bacon, on the other hand, that dog is your eager and willing ideal client. 

Bird food-

Talking to the wrong people puts you in the position of having to convince someone why they should buy from you, and we all know how crappy it feels when someone tries to talk us into a purchase. So make sure you’re talking to the right people before you start scheduling enrollment conversations. It will save you time, frustration, and lots of rejection!

Wrong Message.

Assuming you have something great to sell and you’re talking to people who are willing to invest in your solution, another common mistake I see is that coaches and other solopreneurs do not have a clear and compelling message. They aren’t effectively conveying the rock-star value of what they offer.

There is no doubt that this can be a big challenge for intangible services like coaching. But take the time to get it right. Make sure your message isn’t simply marketing “coaching” or “transformation.” If you’re not being specific enough, your message won’t connect with your target market, never mind hold their attention.

The right messaging will connect with your ideal client by talking about the problem they know they have, not the solution you know they need. Strong messaging will also help your ideal client see that it’s possible to solve their problem, and that your service is the way to do that.

Wrong Energy.

An often-overlooked mistake that people make is going into an enrollment conversation with the energy of trying to convince or persuade people to buy. You’ve all experienced it at one time or another, whether it was a weekend trip you took that included a timeshare pitch, or a coach who kept you on the phone for 90 minutes because she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Trying to convert people because of the outcome YOU want (a client in your practice and money in the bank) is a repellent energy and it puts people off. So don’t do it.

Instead of approaching the client enrollment process as a way to GET something you want, reframe it as an opportunity to show up in selfless service to GIVE someone else something of value, no strings attached. This simple mindset shift from asking to offering can have a profound difference in both your comfort level and your conversion rate.

Another critical factor to showing up with the right energy is to get grounded before the conversation and check your baggage at the door. Whether it’s general sales angst, financial pressure to make the sale, or the fact that this-is-the-most-awesome-person-ever-and-I-REALLY-want-to-work-with-them…. Take a breath. Take two. Acknowledge what it is you’re feeling for a moment, and then let it go. Commit to being fully present during the conversation. Most important, focus on supporting the client to make a decision that is the best fit for them, regardless of whether it’s the decision that puts money in your bank account.

Wrong Strategy.

And the final mistake I see people making is not having a structured strategy for enrolling clients. This includes a simple marketing plan that allows you connect with your ideal clients, start building relationships with them, and generate leads.

And most importantly, it includes investing the time to master the skills and mindset of client enrollment. Enrollment skills are the absolute BEDROCK of business success. Let me repeat that. ENROLLMENT SKILLS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEDROCK OF BUSINESS SUCCESS. Without enrollment skills you’ll have no clients to serve, no chance to fulfill your passion and mission, and of course, no income! So make sure you make space in your calendar, and if necessary, your budget, so that you can cultivate the strong enrollment skills needed to sustain your business over time.

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What’s your biggest challenge with client enrollment? What actions have you taken to cultivate the enrollment skills that will help you create the clients and the income you deserve? Please share in the comments below!

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