3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Business and How to Avoid Them – Part 3

Mistakes we make in business:  THE FINALE!  

Today I’ll be talking about the third mistake.  Read about the other biggest mistakes small business owners are making in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.  

Mistake #3:  Neglecting Your Mindset

Here’s what this sometimes looks like.  Let’s use marketing as an example.  You know you need to learn some marketing skills, so you take some classes.  Maybe you work with a coach.  But it never seems like enough.  For all the classes you have taken, you are not implementing what you learn.  You don’t feel ready.  You think, “I just need to learn this latest social media thing.”  Or, “After this class, then I’ll be able to take action.”  “If I work with this expert, then I’ll finally have the confidence to put myself out there.”  

Do you need to learn some marketing skills to succeed in business?  Yes.  No question. But don’t fall into the Trap of Endless Learning.  The Trap of Endless Learning seems like your friend, but is really an excuse to avoid the wretchedly uncomfortable act of doing something new and unfamiliar that makes you feel vulnerable.   


The Trap of Endless Learning makes you think that you’re going to get confidence from a class, a coach, or a technique, so that you can go and take action.  But the truth is, TAKING ACTION is how you get confidence.  Not the other way around.  You have to take one uncomfortable step at a time.  After a few steps, it will actually start to feel good and you can focus on your next learning curve.   And before you know it, you’ll be implementing all those cool strategies you learned from classes and coaching, and you’ll start to get some good results.

The reality is, a lot of things you need to do to succeed in business are going to be uncomfortable at first. As humans, we are highly skilled at avoiding discomfort. Sometimes we will do anything BUT the one thing that makes us uncomfortable.  Even if we can rationalize how doing that one thing will benefit us in the end.  Yeah, nope.  We’re still going to avoid it.  

What you really need in this sort of situation is help overcoming your INNER resistance to marketing, or whatever is making you uncomfortable in your business right now.  Inner resistance can’t be solved with an external solution like a class.  You have to face it head on.  You must have the courage to do the inner work so you can start taking uncomfortable, imperfect action on behalf of your business vision.  

At the risk of sounding redundant (read my other blog posts), managing your mindset is more important than ever if you are a solopreneur.  Because whatever that uncomfortable thing is that you’re avoiding right now in your business – maybe it’s marketing, maybe it’s something else – guess what?  There’s no one else to do it but YOU. So you are going to have to learn to dig deep and move through the discomfort if you want to stay in business.  

All the books, classes and experts in the world won’t be any use unless you TAKE ACTION based on what you learned from them.  (Hint: if you have a clear business FOCUS, and a simple STRATEGY, you should be able to zero in on a few specific actions that you can take consistently to achieve your goals.)  So get out there and get moving!

Here are a few ways you can cultivate your mindset to support courageous action:

  • Surround yourself with entrepreneurial, glass-half-full people
  • When you hit a block or scary bump in the road, call a lifeline who can help you take action instead of taking another class
  • Take conscious action to understand your beliefs, values and worldview
  • Get help letting go of beliefs, values or habits that are not serving you
  • Work with a coach or mastermind group to support your personal growth
  • Know the difference between internal and external business challenges and don’t try to solve internal issues with external solutions
  • Invest in classes, coaching and other support systems that specifically help you TAKE ACTION and implement what you learn, vs. one-and-done classes without follow up support or accountability
  • Recognize fear and discomfort as signs of a personal growth opportunity
  • Practice daily meditation and journaling to stay in tune with your inner world

For more about why success is ultimately an inside job, see my article about Why Mindset Trumps Skillset.